Wine Tasting on Gondola Getaway

A Gondola Wine Tasting Cruise Through The Enchanting Canals Of The Naples Islands
$50/person - Minimum of 8 max 13.  We must confirm requested date with winery.

Gondola Getaway offers one of the most fun and unique wine tastings available this side of the Grand Canal!  Actually, they don’t even do it there…  We have teamed up with the World class winery of Seven Angels.  We were looking for a Winery that had as much passion for wine as we do for Gondola adventures.  We found it with this family owned Winery! 

You will board our large Gondola “The Caorlina” that is set up with a custom charcuterie and wine tasting table.  Two Gondoliers and a wine expert from the winery will taste you on at least 5 wines from their Vineyards while you nibble on an Italian style charcuterie selection.  Each of the 5 bridges that you pass beneath, will signal the opening of the next unique wine, and so on and so on…….
A wine tasting of a lifetime, an experience that only our customers can enjoy, a night of frivolity on the canals of Naples Islands.


Scenic one-hour waterway cruises for 2-64 people through the Naples Canals in Long Beach.

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  • Gondola Getaway
  • 5437 E. Ocean Blvd.
  • Long Beach, California 90803
Upcoming Dates For This Event:
  • Thursday, January 23 to Thursday, February 6
  • Thursday, January 30 to Thursday, February 13
  • Thursday, February 6 to Thursday, February 20
  • Thursday, February 13 to Thursday, February 27
  • Thursday, February 20 to Thursday, March 5
  • Thursday, February 27 to Thursday, March 12
  • Thursday, March 5 to Thursday, March 19
  • Thursday, March 12 to Thursday, March 26
  • Thursday, March 19 to Thursday, April 2
  • Thursday, March 26 to Thursday, April 9