Pow! Wow! Long Beach

POW! – It’s the impact that art has on a person. WOW! – It’s reaction that art has on a viewer. Together they form POW WOW, which is a term that describes a gathering that celebrates culture, music and art.

What Is POW! WOW!?

This week-long international mural arts festival is city-wide event that comes to long beach each summer.  A celebration of creativity, in the last few years, POW! WOW! Long Beach has contributed murals across 40 square miles of the city. Don't miss this walkable, bikeable, and family-friendly public art event.

How did POW! WOW! get started?

POW! WOW! Long Beach is part of a global network of artists and events that started in 2010 in Hawaii and has since spread around the world!The central event takes place in February in the Kaka’ako district of Honolulu, and brings over a hundred international and local artist together to create murals and other forms of art. The festival is expanding to cities and countries such as Taiwan, Long Beach, Israel, Singapore, Jamaica, Washington D.C., Guam, New Zealand, Germany and more. 

When is POW! WOW! 2021? 

Dates for POW! WOW! 2021 have not yet been announced but we will keep this page updated with the latest information. 

Where can I find Long Beach's Murals?

You can learn more about the event and Long Beach murals here. Explore Long Beach's many vibrant murals with this helpful map.