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Creative group who love printing and design!

Hi everybody! Here's where we tell you a little bit about ourselves. It's pretty simple really; we're a small group of 5 people who love printing and design! We operate out of an office/warehouse in Signal Hill. In fact, Allen Printing & Graphic Design has been printing in Long Beach for over 30 years! Our contact page can give you more info on how to get here if you feel like stopping by and having a chat.

Our philosophy is simple. Everything we do here is custom. You won't find any templates on our computers, and we don't take shortcuts. If you bring a project to us, you can be sure that it's being taken care of by a group of people who care about their work. Have a question or concern about your project? No problem! Stop by or drop us a line, and we'll be happy to work it out with you.

So that's our deal. We do a good job because we like our job!