Labor Day

Labor Day

As summer winds down, and as the children return to school, we come upon a much-appreciated day off that helps ease this transition – Labor Day.

It is a day during which we reflect on our hard work in the most appropriate way: by not doing any work at all. While one may feel inclined to sleep all day and perhaps not leave the house, Long Beach certainly offers no shortage of ways to celebrate America’s favorite Monday. Given the city’s near-perfect sunny weather and ocean breezes, going for a walk would be a great way to spend the day off.

We would recommend a stroll down Bluff Park along Ocean Blvd, allowing any pedestrian to fully take in the beauty of the day. By the intersection of Ocean Blvd and Paloma Ave, you will come across a tall, dark stranger. This is the Lone Sailor Navy Memorial statue. Dedicated in 2004, this monument to the men and women who served in the Navy watches over the Long Beach Harbor.

We would also recommend a walk in ShoreLine Aquatic Park by Pierpoint Landing. A nice and brief stroll through this quaint little park gives you a full view of Queensway Bay, with Shoreline Village on one end and the Queen Mary on the other. Sitting in the park is Navysphere, a 15-foot armillary sphere with porcelain enamel panels that document the history of the Navy in our area.

Much like how Labor Day allows us to reflect on the work and toil we endure in our daily lives, so do these monuments memorialize the work and toil of those who have served in our Navy. Speaking of which, the Battleship Iowa is hosting LA Fleet Week this Friday through Labor Day. Free to the public, this event offers public ship tours, military displays, equipment demonstrations, live entertainment, and more. What a great way to celebrate our nation’s Sea Services!

Other Labor Day festivities of note include the following:

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