Dew Tour

Long Beach Dew Tour

Spend an exciting, long weekend celebrating skating, music, and culture in Long Beach!

Skateboard fans will want to keep Dew Tour on their calendar every year! This event brings professional and amateur skaters together for a weekend full of competitions, individual and team. But instead of just one course, Dew Tour creates four courses and each showcase a different style of skating. These courses include Tech, Rails, Bowl, and Gaps. There’s even an open course that the public is welcome to skate. 

dew tour skater
Dew Tour public course

However, skating isn’t the only thing that attendees can enjoy at this summertime event in Downtown Long Beach! An array of food & drink options fill an open, picnic-style space, music takes over at nightfall, art displays are mixed within the village, and many vendors offer games and giveaways. In 2017, guests could take a break from the heat and tour the “Art of Doing” exhibit, which mixed the physicality of skating with art and made for an awesome, out-of-the-box experience! Oh, and did we mention that Dew Tour is free to attend!

Beer at dew tour
Photo Credit: Dew Tour
Skateboard Art Wall
Photo Credit: Dew Tour

Dew Tour has been an awesome addition to Long Beach, and we are incredibly excited to see what 2018 brings to the event!  This year the event will be held in collaboration with the also popular Agenda Festival, so you know that the weekend of June 28-July 1 will be off the charts! Better mark those calendars now! 

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