4 Cool Places to Take A Walk in Long Beach, CA


Getting outdoors and feeling the sun on your face is an easy feat in Long Beach, CA.

This beautiful beach town is home to dozens of scenic parks, sandy beaches, and picturesque trails ideal for a walk outside. Whether you need a quiet stroll alone or want to feel the buzz of the city, Long Beach has what you need. Here are our top 4 places to take a walk in Long Beach.

1. Dominguez Gap Wetlands

Dominguez Gap Wetlands is known for its charming scenery and wildlife. The plant life along the walking trail is most notable - native wildflowers and plants line the path and offer refreshing visuals as you walk. The Dominguez Gap Trail is a 2-mile loop with moderate traffic, located between the Los Angeles River and C. David Molina Park at 286 W Del Amo Blvd in Long Beach. The trail is fit for all skill levels and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also welcome on the trail as long as they are leashed and cleaned up after. Want to spend time connecting with the area’s wildlife on your walk? Bring your binoculars! Birding is a popular activity on this trail, as you can typically spot dozens of species along the way.

2. El Dorado Nature Center

El Dorado Nature Center can be found at 7550 E Spring St in Long Beach and offers its visitors a quiet oasis in the middle of the city. The El Dorado Park Nature Trail is a 2.6-mile loop and heavily trafficked. The trail is ideal for any skill level and is available for use year-round. Birdwatching and nature trips are popular activities in the park. Wildlife is abundant, thanks to the lake situated within the park, making connecting to nature feel easy. Keep an eye out for turtles laying out in the sun or birds dipping their feet in the water! At the beginning of the trail, you will find the Visitor Center, where you can find information on the park's environment and history as well as a small gift shop.

3. Bluff Park

Bluff Park is located at 2500 E Ocean Blvd and is one of the most beautiful parks in Long Beach. Boasting a view of the Pacific Ocean and light sea breezes, this is a perfect spot to take a walk on a warm day. Whether you are alone, walking with friends, or you bring your dog along, you will be sure to enjoy this short, 1.3-mile paved loop. 

4. Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath

This 4-mile trail runs from the edge of Nimitz Road opposite Island Grisson, along E Ocean Boulevard, and ends just past Long Beach’s Belmont ShoreBelmont Shore neighborhood. Walk along the sandy beaches and gain views of some of Long Beach’s most spectacular points. Take in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean's blue waters, the gorgeous Long Beach real estate, and more. The path is wide enough for everyone, so do not be surprised if you see plenty of cyclists and skaters on your walk! There are also drinking fountains and restrooms along the path, just in case you need to make a stop.

Long Beach has walking trails for all skill-levels and purposes, so next time you head out, make sure to check out one of these top places to walk in Long Beach.

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