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Scottish Fantasy

Date: Saturday, March 10 2018

Air on the G String
Symphony No. 3, op. 56, A minor, Scottish
Scottish Fantasy, op. 46
Maxwell Davies
Orkney Wedding with Sunrise

Eckart Preu, conductor
Caroline Goulding, violin
Eric Rigler, bagpipes

Don your kilts and join Long Beach Symphony for an exciting program of Scottish music and dance. We will begin our Scottish journey with Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 3, inspired by the ruins of Holyrood Chapel in Edinburgh with a lively second movement incorporating the characteristic Scotch snap rhythm. Following intermission, the Symphony performs Max Bruch’s Scottish Fantasy featuring the harp in the instrumental accompaniment to the violin. The night wraps up with Maxwell Davies’ charming Orkney Wedding with Sunrise that vividly depicts the riotous celebrations after a wedding on the Scottish isle. The piece closes with the entry of the bagpipes, which Davies describes as symbolic of the rising sun over Caithness. This is one of the few works in classical repertoire that uses this unusual instrument, so you won’t want to miss it! 

(562) 436-3203 ext. 1

Long Beach Performing Arts Center, Terrace Theater

8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

300 E. Ocean Blvd.
Long Beach, California 90802

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