Planning Your Health

Planning Your Health

Here are some tips that we found to help out those hard-working meeting/event planners.

A meeting/event planner’s job is such a rewarding one. They create an event from a blank space, get to see hours of planning come together, and then watch as their attendees enjoy the experience. While the meetings industry can be a very rewarding field, it’s also very hectic and sometimes stressful. A meeting planner’s mind is constantly on the client and their needs, so it’s easy to lose track of taking care of their own bodies. Here are some tips that we found to help out those hard-working meeting and event planners.

Get a workout in early

Getting your workout in before you start the rest of your day helps you maintain consistency. It’s easy to think of reasons to put it off after a long day of work.

Manage Stress.

Be sure to take time to unwind and make time for yourself. Whether it be meditation, diving into a good book, or catching up on the latest episode of your guilty pleasure TV show, clearing your mind of the stressors of event planning, will help you.

Don’t forget to eat.

While planners are making their rounds throughout an event, they sometimes forget the essentials to keep them going. If this sounds like you, try setting an alarm to remind you to feed your staff and yourself during the event. And when you do get that chance, make sure you reach for the healthier options available and to drink plenty of water while you’re at it. Pizza is easy and tempting, but might end up actually slowing you down!

Make quality time for sleep.

Caffeine is a beautiful thing, but getting quality time for sleep is crucial to keeping our health in good standing. We tend to have a clearer mind after a good night’s rest.

With as stressful as the job can be, it is as crucial for meeting planners to take care of their bodies, as much as it is to take care of the client. Start adding these tips to your everyday life and you’ll be on your way to a healthier body and mindset.

*Tips derived from Event Manager Blog author, Kelli White, at

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